The company began its journey as GKB Rx Lens Pvt. Ltd in the northern Indian city of Agra way back in 1959. The principal activities were shifted to Kolkata in 1969 where the first surfacing lab was set up. Over the years, GKB partnered with reputed European ophthalmic firms for technology, equipments, raw materials and consumables to boost production.

In 2006, GKB entered into a joint venture with Essilor, forming one of the strongest brands in lens manufacturing under the name of Vision Rx Lab.

Today the company has now grown into a large infrastructural setup of 19 labs and 23 service centres spread across India, with a fully dedicated international operations facility in Gurgaon, having more than 5000+ members in the country. It also has international offices in Dubai and Canada, to meet the growing demand for premium ophthalmic lens products in the international market.